Crew Management

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Crew management has always been at the heart of our company’s operations, and to this day represents the largest segment of our shipping activities.

We have good network of fully controlled manning agencies in key locations, including the Philippines, India, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. Seafarers are carefully screened, making sure only those fully qualified and properly STCW certified are employed. Meanwhile, modern tailor-made database and IT management systems ensure that high quality standards are constantly checked and upheld. Indeed, such fully transparent screening and employment procedures ensure both vessel owners and crew applicants can easily evaluate the recruitment process.

Anka’s clients are looked after by a single point of contact – a designated crew superintendent, responsible for appointing the right seafarers to join vessels, crew changes, and communicating important operational information back to base. Together with other areas of operations, this ensures our customers are frequently kept informed about the crew operating their vessels.

In addition, customers are provided access to our online crew database to view, download, and print all relevant information, such as crew lists, certifications, performance reports, and crew change planning.