Procurement and Logistics

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We stress upon the inventory control and try to maintain the stocks basis requirements to achieve the optimum operational costs and keep the supplies and logistics costs low.

We constantly endeavor to acquire the best Quality Products and Services at most economical & competitive rates. With our strong & vast Global network with highly reliable vendors, we are able to negotiate the best available prices and ensure on time delivery thus economically meeting with the needs at all times.

Hence we maximize the profit of our Owners by saving efficiently and ensuring complete usage of the available resources effectively, we apply the principals of Economies of Scale, Just in Time Supply, Emergency Supply from Convenient location, Kinds of Spares, Locating Availability of Spares globally means of logistics etc, along with other Strategies and methodologies to keep our Supplies cost optimum and the most economical.

Acting a third Party Vendor we also support Ship Owners and our Clients in supply of the Marine SPARES through our Global Network utilizing the benefits and passing on economical rates benefits for Clients.

Our purchasing and logistics department is supported by online management programs which are fully compatible with our SMS system.